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They Like Us...They Really Like Us!

"They stopped by the Paste Studio on the Road stage in perform a set mixing country, soul and Americana."

Paste Session Atlanta: Watch Gibson Wilbanks Presented by Ilegal Mezcal - Paste Magazine, Published 11-24-2023 by Paste Staff

“Gibson Wilbanks’ harmonies soar on the laidback “Oh Sweet Baby,” alongside foot-stomping rhythms and mesmerizing pedal steel accompaniment. All the while, the couple’s warm harmonies are at the forefront as they sing of a powerful love.”

Gibson Wilbanks Delight on Romantic ‘Oh Sweet Baby’: Exclusive - BillBoard, Published 11-19-2019 by Annie Reuter

“Standout tracks like the plaintive “Oh Sweet Baby” and the cinematic “Green Grass High Tides” make one ponder how “Bro-country” ever came to dominate the genre.”

TVD Premiere: Gibson Wilbanks - The Vinyl District, Published 11-21-2019 by Mike Ollinger

“Gibson Wilbanks Release Best Country Duo Album of 2019” and “Behold the debut self-titled album from Georgia-based duo Gibson Wilbanks. They create lovely, old-fashioned music that is steeped in country, simmered in soul, and sung from heart.”

Gibson Wilbanks Release Best Country Duo Album of 2019 - East Portland Blog, Published 11-24-2019

“Whether sitting around a bonfire, or driving down an open road, “Steady Groove” is the perfect song to escape to.” 

Review: Gibson & Wilbanks Single "Steady Groove" - Music Update Central, Published 12-2019 by Isabell Dougherty

“The whole record just makes you want to climb inside their love and see it for yourself. It is wholly beautiful, and very real.” 

Gibson Wilbanks: Gibson Wilbanks (Self Released) - Bearded Magazine, Published 11-29-2019 by Clementine Lloyd

“[Gibson Wilbanks] stayed true to their self-proclaimed style of “back porch soul” which will surely carve out a lane for them.” 

Gibson Wilbanks ALBUM REVIEW - Flyah Magazine, Published 12-7-2019 

"The harmonizing of singers BJ Wilbanks and Carly Gibson mesh so beautifully you would think you’re hearing one perfect voice.”

Check This: Gibson Wilbanks – The Great Escape - The Indy Review, Published 12-16-2019 by B. Liebman

"…Carly Gibson and BJ Wilbanks have released their debut self-titled recording, and it’s a winner.”

Short Stack! -, Published 12-27-2019 by James Mann

"The vocals of Carly Gibson and BJ Wilbanks are genuine, passionate and deeply felt from the heart.” 

New Self-Titled Album by Gibson Wilbanks - The Music Below, Published 1-14-2020 by Ash

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