Steady Groove

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Steady Groove

All music and lyrics written by BJ Wilbanks and Carly Gibson, © 2014. ASCAP.

I gotta rest my soul
Come home and shut the door
I’m putting down this heavy load
Kick my shoes off on the floor
Lord cause I’m sttlin’ down
Ain’t gonna worry myself no more
Cause I’m finding out this way of living
Ain’t no way to live at all


Cause I don’t need anything now
But the love that I get from you
It’s what keeps me up on my feet but still weak in the knees, Baby please
Let me walk with you
Be my steady groove

Stay healthy and be strong
Live a life of moderation
Slow down and just listen, Baby
Let your heart beat in rhythm
Cause you oughtta settle down
Yeah, don’t worry yourself so much
Cause I know that you’l find out this way of living
Is the way to free your soul



1. Steady Groove
Gibson Wilbanks  


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